Petroleum Storage & Transportation

The report provides data and analyses on U.S. oil and gas inventories, and storage and transportation capacities. The study updates the Council’s 1979 and 1984 studies on these subjects as well as analyzes the response of the distribution systems during periods of stress. Petroleum Storage & Transportation is presented in five volumes:

  • Volume I, Executive Summary, presents the study’s primary conclusions, a brief description of the oil and natural gas distribution system, and summaries of Volumes II through V.
  • Volume II, System Dynamics, describes how the system operates both in normal times and during periods of stress. This volume examines possible responses to six unlikely but highly stressful situations including import disruptions and pipeline outages. The volume also summarizes major changes to the distribution system since 1979.
  • Volume III, Natural Gas Transportation, describes the capability of the natural gas system as it exists today. This volume outlines the regulatory history of the industry; updates the factors affecting gas supply and demand; summarizes pipeline capacities, interconnections, and storage; and analyzes the capabilities of the national pipeline network under normal and stress conditions. Natural gas pipeline and storage data were collected by survey and are provided in maps and tables.
  • Volume IV, Petroleum Inventories and Storage, estimates inventories and storage capacities for the primary, secondary, and tertiary systems. New estimates of minimum operating inventory levels for the primary system are also provided. Additionally, the impact of petroleum futures and forward markets and the Strategic Petroleum Reserve on inventories are examined. The volume’s data were collected mostly by survey and are provided in tables.
  • Volume V, Petroleum Liquids Transportation, presents information on all forms of transportation of crude oil, refined petroleum products, and liquefied petroleum gases. These include pipelines, tankers, barges, tank trucks, and rail cars. This volume presents petroleum pipeline capacity data that were collected by survey. An inventory of waterborne transportation equipment and an examination of navigational structures and waterways is also included, as well as an examination of the U.S. tank car/tank truck fleet. The volume’s data are provided in maps and tables.

Volume I - Executive Summary
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Volume IV - Petroleum Inventories and Storage
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Volume V - Petroleum Liquids Transportation
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