Research, Development, and Demonstration Needs
of the Oil and Gas Industry

This report makes specific recommendations on collaborative research and development and on ways that the national labs can become more user-driven in their response to the technology needs of the oil and gas industry. The study analyzes the needs of the industry, considering the near- and long-term needs of both the upstream and downstream sectors. The scope encompasses natural resource identification through the output of the refineries and gas processing facilities. In addition, the study examines the relevant capabilities of the nine Department of Energy (DOE) national laboratories and the National Institute for Petroleum and Energy Research (NIPER) as well as the role they could play in providing technical and scientific support to the industry. The role of other public and private labs is also discussed.

This study is intended to be the starting point for establishing an improved process of focused oil and gas RD&D. The theme of the recommendations in the report is for the Secretary of Energy to establish a process that embodies the “new paradigm” in oil and gas RD&D-user-driven technology development.

The report is presented in three volumes. Volume I contains the Council’s recommendations and the analyses supporting them. Volume II presents the summary data from the NPC’s 1995 Survey of Research and Development Needs. Volume III contains detailed information on the capabilities of the nine DOE national laboratories and NIPER.

Volume I - Summary and Discussion
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Volume II - Industry Survey Appendix
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Volume III - Laboratory Capabilities Appendix
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Integrating R&D Efforts

The report provides the Council’s views on improving oil and gas recovery through improved coordination and cooperation in research and development (R&D) efforts. The study includes results of an industry survey of current and historical levels of oil and gas exploration and production research and development. In addition, the survey provides the current industry assessment of the importance of specific research topics in enhanced oil recovery and geoscience identified in earlier reports by the NPC, the Energy Research Advisory Board, and the National Research Council. The report also reviews current government-funded geoscience R&D programs that can be considered broadly related to oil and gas exploration and production.

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