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The 119th meeting of the National Petroleum Council was held in Washington, D.C.,
on Thursday, September 17, 2009.

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By letter dated September 16, 2009, Secretary of Energy Steven Chu requested the Council’s advice on Future Transportation Fuels and North American Resource Development. At the September 17th meeting, the Council accepted the Secretary’s request and approved the undertaking of studies on these two topics.

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Facing the Hard Truths about Energy –
2007 Report and 2008 Update
The latest report by the National Petroleum Council
The American people are very concerned about energy—its availability, reliability, cost, and environmental impact. Energy also has become a subject of urgent policy discussions. But energy is a complex subject, touching every part of daily life and the overall economy, involving a wide variety of technologies, and deeply affecting many aspects of our foreign relations. The United States is the largest participant in the global energy system—the largest consumer, the second largest producer of coal and natural gas, and the largest importer and third largest producer of oil. Developing a framework for considering America’s oil and natural gas position now and for the future requires a broad view and a long-term perspective; both are provided in this study.

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